Four Smartphone Apps Advocating Child Safety and Monitoring

Child safety will always be the top priority of any parent. As much as possible, we want to establish numerous safety zones for our children. However, complicated public transportation and the daily pressure… Continue reading

The Real Enjoyment in Virtual TV Eyeglasses

Virtual TV Eyeglass is a relatively new technology that promises enjoyment by unlocking the magic and science behind our sight. Through experimentations and observation, the Virtual TV Eyeglass has successfully mastered the measurement… Continue reading

Product Review Points System Mechanics FAQ

Mechanics: A Goods Rewards member will receive 500 points with every product review he/she submits A member is only allowed up to 3000 points even if he/ she exceeds six(6) product reviews Participating… Continue reading

CashCashPinoy Penalized for Alleged Selling of Fake Luxury Items

Modes of payment for CashCashPinoy will be temporarily limited due to incidents of what customers label as “online scams”. Paypal and Banco De Oro were forced to suspend their banking and money transfer… Continue reading

Discounted Casio Watches at Goods.Ph

A watch is a one of a kind accessory. They are perhaps one of the fashion additives that carry a certain function. Watches have been present since the industrial western age. It was… Continue reading

Xiaomi now Ranks 3rd in Worldwide Smartphone Market Share

Chinese Smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi now ranks third in worldwide smartphone market share.  Its success is mostly attributed to the market success of the Xiaomi MI 3. This device was released July of this year, and… Continue reading