Pre-Order NBA 2K16 Philippines at

Pre-order NBA 2k16 for consoles at and get a chance to win a NBA jersey. Play your favorite basketball simulation game while wearing a regulation recognized apparel of your favorite NBA team.… Continue reading

Sony Xperia M5: Digital Camera and Smartphone in One

The Sony Xperia M5 is the first Sony Xperia Smartphone to feature that Phase Detection autofocus. This technology allows better contrast and brightness control for every shot.

Android Marshmallow: Details from the Preview

Android has made the upcoming Android 6.0, the Android M or Android Marshmallow Operating System’s protocols available for download for independent App developers. The move is to ensure the most complete and most… Continue reading

The Facts on National Heroes Day

Many Filipinos don’t really know the reason why there is such a holiday as “National Heroes Day” celebration in the country. (I am pretty much sure, you don’t either, do you?) Well, here… Continue reading

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual: Quality Cameras, Hopefully Half the Premium Price

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual is one of the few mid-range Smartphones that share the same camera MP rating for both the primary and secondary camera. 13MP to be exact. This model serves… Continue reading

A Hero and Philippine Martyr Remembered

“The Filipino is Worth Dying For” was the title of a speech delivered by exiled Senator Benigno “Ninoy “Aquino Jr. at the Asia Society in New York in August 4, 1980.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: A Phablet Distinct from the Samsung S6 Edge+

Samsung Galaxy Note Series was the first handset to support split screen multitasking. This is also the series that resulted in the resurgence of stylus- operated interface. After four generations of successful Galaxy… Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+: Beyond the Screen Size Upgrade

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is undeniably the best Samsung device to date. It is the unit with the most recognizable design. As far as competition and development goes, we had a feeling that… Continue reading

ASUS Zenfone 2 Deluxe, Sets a High Expectation

Deluxe is a strong word that sets high expectations. It speaks of elegance For ASUS, breaking expectations is an everyday thing ever since they unveiled the Zenfone 2. They have made a remarkable… Continue reading

Top 10 List of Best External Hard Drives

The main premise of having an external hard drive is to separate the memory storage hardware from the main computer component. Our digital data consumption has exponentially increased in recent years.

Rainy Season Outfit Ideas

First of all ladies, I am talking to you.  Do not wear full length outfits. Seriously, you’re just asking to get wet. These days a lot of places get flooded and you’ll likely… Continue reading

It’s the Wet! Rainy Season Essentials Philippines 2015

We have to prepare for the rainy season ahead! Come floods, brownouts, traffic jams, typhoons and high water so to speak!