Online Shopping Without Credit Cards

Online Shopping Without Credit Cards

When someone speaks of online shopping, you automatically think that you should have a credit account because it is a must. That is a misinformation, however, because you could actually shop online without a credit card or any other kinds of card!

Everywhere we look there are banks around the metro. From the most popular to the new established ones, we have them all. These banks, more often than not, are packed with lots of people who want to deposit, withdraw or loan money.

We usually see a long queue of people at automated teller machines (ATMs) waiting for their turn to withdraw their money. The time spent here may vary from five (5) minutes to five (5) hours, depending on the number of people before you. When you accomplished your goal fast, you would be very thankful. Otherwise, you could curse the hell out of people.

You could leave your house without carrying your wallet. As long as you have your ATM card, you won’t have to worry because there are numerous banks wherein you could withdraw. With these cases, we could assume that cards are really important these days becaue you could actually do many things with it.

Indeed, people perform much of their transactions like buying groceries in the malls, dining out at restaurants, and paying their bills using credit cards. The world could somehow be a different place without them.

But when it comes to shopping online, having no credit card or any kind of card won’t cause discrimination against you. In fact, you could still do it without these cards. You could buy groceries, electronic devices, appliances, and other stuff and pay them through cash.

Cash-on-delivery (COD) is an advantageous payment method because you could have all the comfort of shopping at your own home without going to the malls. You would just wait for your order within the specified day of the online shop and pay it through cash when the goods are delivered to your home.

Who says online shopping should entail having a credit card? Well now you know it is not true. You can use other payment methods such as bank transfer,  Smart money, Globe Gcash, Cash on Delivery. You can shop online as long as you want without it!