Shopping Grocery Online? That’s new!

Grocery Shopping Online

by: Joanna Lynn Ong

Imagine this: it’s the upcoming rainy season, and you have just been from the grocery mart. Rain is pouring cows (yes, not cats) and dogs. You’re carrying three full bags of groceries and you’re trying your best to catch a cab but not one is stopping. You look around you, and you see your situation being shared by twenty other people trying to do the same thing. Not really the best way to spend the day!

Everyone knows that shopping is fun. But has anyone ever enjoyed shopping for groceries? Especially during the weekends, you get your share of phobia-inducing crowds, long lines at the cash register, and narrow aisles not offering enough space for you and your fellow shopping-cart pusher. Goods.Ph has the nifty solution to avoiding all the grocery shopping fiascos: don’t step inside the grocery at all!

There are definite advantages to online grocery shopping at Goods.Ph, the country’s leading online store.

  1. Your items are secure right up to your doorstep. The experience of losing a bag of paid for groceries as you wait for a cab is not something anyone relishes. With our delivery service, we make sure that all of your purchases are in pristine condition when our friendly delivery personnel present them to you at your doorstep.
  2. You can keep track of your orders on your member account. Getting ready to online grocery shop away from home but not sure if you already bought coffee last week? You can log into your Goods.Ph account and check your purchase history. It might even remind you of items you’re running low on!
  3. Order items from the office and have them delivered at home for last minute needs. No need to fret when your yaya texts you in the middle of a meeting that Junior has run out of his favorite chocolate milk drink. You can call our hotline, give your purchase request to our helpful customer service representative, and give the address where the groceries are to be delivered.
  4. Earn points which you can use to get exclusive freebies. Goods.Ph lets you earn one point for every ten pesos spent. Keep track of your points and redeem awesome premium items!
  5. You don’t have to go back to the grocery store to return a damaged purchase. Let’s face it, usually the line to the customer service counter at the grocery is longer than the line at the counter. How many times have you given up on exchanging a damaged item just to escape the hassle? Now, all you have to do is call our customer service hotline and our representative will give you clear, easy to follow instructions.

Shop now at Goods.Ph: hassle free, worry free shopping!