We are Proud to be .PH

Proud To Be Pinoy

By Joanna Lynn Ong, Marketing Officer

More than the ubiquitous holiday sale and the appreciated day off, our country’s independence day is a chance to be grateful for the experience of freedom that we enjoy. Our nation’s story is full of heroes, from heroes still great in our consciousness to the ones whose names have been forgotten by history. Our ancestors shed blood, sweat and tears to achieve our sovereignty that was once only a dream. Many of us are heroes still: heroes to our families, our friends, our employees and our country.

Goods.Ph is proud to be in a country where companies who make fair trades with quality products are given the opportunity to thrive. Where everyone has the equal chance to work hard for great customer service and be justly rewarded through emotional fulfillment and profit. Where the Filipino mindset means being welcoming to everyone with ready smiles. Our passion has been ignited by our nation’s rich present and promising future. Goods.Ph continues to strive at being a hero of the Philippine economy.

We want to let you know that we are inspired. You, the Filipino, inspire us.

Happy 115th Independence Day to our wonderful nation. Mabuhay tayong lahat!