How To Prepare For A Storm Like Haiyan

Preparing for a super typhoon is not possible, but one can always try.

By Gilbert Dadia

Some people have the gall to say that one can prepare for a really strong typhoon like super typhoon Yolanda. Aw, come on let us be reasonable and face reality! Even a super power like the United States was not prepared when hurricane Katrina hit the coast of New Orleans, Louisiana on August of 2005.

There was plenty of lead time and weather tracking done by the United States National Weather Service. But still unprecedented disaster struck and thousands of lives were affected. This hurricane was a category 5 hurricane when it hit New Orleans and wreaked havoc and unprecedented destruction in US history since 1928. It was the costliest and deadliest hurricane in the United States.

Super typhoon Yolanda is the 4th strongest typhoon in recorded history and made 6 historic landfalls while Hurricane Katrina was only the 6th strongest in the history of the United States. Everyone would naturally want to prepare for impending natural disaster but one cannot really measure nature’s wrath unless it has come and gone and left its swathe of death and destruction. 

We can always try and prepare for typhoons by being updated on weather news, having a ready list of local government contact numbers, stocking on food, water, batteries, etc.  Be vigilant at all times! You can also orient each member of the family to keep calm under this situation and set up a meeting place just in case you are separated. However, one cannot really know what will happen when lives and homes are at stake with winds howling at 200 mph or it’s raining cats and dogs outside and floodwater is rising and swirling around. One would surely pray and hope the worst would come to pass.

Even the Japanese who have a long history on earthquakes and tsunamis and have built earthquake resistance structures are not that prepared if and when big disasters strike. Some disasters just overwhelm and are unimaginable!