Merry Christmas to You!

Today is Christmas Day! Have yourself a happy holidays in this season of joy with your family and friends! Enjoy a hearty feast, fun and games and most of all a good time! Distribute presents under the jolly Christmas tree filled with multi-colored blinking lights and trimmings!

Spending Time with Family this ChristmasThe air is nippy, smiles all about, there’s a happy feeling all around and people are hustling and bustling in the city. Children are all aglow with their Christmas gifts in tow. Christmas cheer comes once every year to bring joy in every corner of the world. Goodwill towards all mankind is the order of the day.

This special day should not be about you, it should be about people you care about, love and cherish. Christmas carols are being played on the radio to add to the Christmas mood. Multi-colored lights are on houses and buildings providing that added Christmas cheer. Visit family members and renew ties and bonds for the season.

Santa comes to town to deliver his presents to good children who try to stay awake waiting for his arrival. There will be happy faces today with Santa in town! Have a merry Christmas!

Written by: Gilbert Dadia