5 Ways To Feel Happy About Yourself

“Don’t Worry Be Happy” was a song by musician Bobby McFerrin that I remember singing a long time ago that made my day a little bearable when I feel a little down. It is an easy-going reggae song with a happy-go-lucky tune and lyrics and a down-to-earth approach to life in general. Try to be happier this 2014.

feel happy with yourself

Here are 5 ways to feel contented about yourself:

  1. Be content. How? Accept the good and the bad things thrown at you in equal fashion and focus more on the positive things and on what you have and be thankful for them. You simply can’t have everything in life so be optimistic and be happy with what you have: a supportive family, great health, a stable job.
  2. Being alive. Breathe the air! Feel the warm sun on your face and the grass under your feet! Hear the birds chirping and winging on the air! Life may be unfair to you but at least you are alive and kicking to face another day! Feel good about yourself.
  3. Re-invent yourself. Get an entirely new haircut that’s a total fresh makeover! Buy new wardrobe, shoes and accessories to go with the new-look you. Focus on making yourself happy for yourself and not what others dictate on you! Re-invent yourself inside and out by learning, trying and applying new things to better yourself.
  4. Pamper yourself. Indulge in a spa treatment. Get a full body massage. Enjoy a full facial or a relaxing foot spa. Spend a day in the park with the whole family. Eat at your favorite restaurant. De-stress and relieve yourself of last year’s worries.
  5. Find “Positives” in your life. If you think life has been cruel to you and making you unhappy, take a deep breath and find something positive that has occurred in your life: Such as having a secure family life or highly intelligent children. These would surely make you feel happier about yourself and your achievements.

Be happy with yourself this 2014, you have the whole year to achieve this!

Article written by Gilbert Dadia