Probably the Worst Apps of 2013

Simply put, it was a terrible idea. Ryan Matzner, Director & Chief Strategist of Fueled could not believe of a proposal to develop an app for “Selling Public Parking Spaces.” Who would want to go through the hassle of setting up and monitoring a bidding platform for a parking space and spend 10-20 minutes standing on a spot just to collect a few dollars or even less?

How about developing an IOS app for LillyFly? It is stupefying. “Tinder for Dogs” where literally speaking, dogs and their supposed owners have MeetUps at the local dog park. And, how about “Pee Break” an app that lets you know when your friends are going to the bathroom or if they are stepping out of the theater or the dance floor for that much needed pee-break. Come on is this for real?

TweetPee app

The guardian lists about an app by Huggies Brazil that tweets mothers and fathers to inform them when their baby has urinated. It is called the TweetPee, an impractically huge owl-like sensor that you strap on your child’s groin. Whenever your baby wets his/her diapers, the sensor picks up traces of humidity and automatically tweets you about it. You basically do not have to check your baby.

Cry Translator– an app that analyses and diagnoses your baby’s cry to tell you what your baby wants. It tells you whether your baby is hungry, cold, tired or has peed. Then it diagnoses and gives you suggestions on what you should try to do to calm your baby down! Imagine, parenting has become an IOS app where you don’t need to check your baby’s needs!

You can add your worst picks to the already long list of worst apps for 2013. Most say some writers are just paid hacks by a competitor out to bad-mouth the other. Not far-fetched considering that pushing for apps is big business! There are millions of apps out there right now and there are big bucks involved. The best you could do is try the apps yourself and judge!

By Gilbert Dadia