Top Mobile Phone of 2013

HTC One Is Top Mobile Phone

HTC One is the top mobile phone for 2013! This is according to the yearend review of of the United Kingdom. HTC One’s combination of impressive power, poise and beauty prove this innovative phone shows it can cut it out with the big boys! Big feat indeed considering it beat the likes of Nokia, Samsung, LG and Sony for the number 1 spot!

htc one mini

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HTC One has managed to bring out a smart phone that’s admirable of user considerations. Its superior aluminum body, Full HD Screen and simplified version of Sense 5.0 on top of Android Jelly Bean suggest it‘s user friendliness. Its innovative Zoe function allows you to create great video and HTC One’s Ultra pixel camera lets you have a wider range of shots even in low light conditions. You maximize your phone’s specifications.

While LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S and Moto G are just behind HTC One in the rankings, the piles of reviews for the different mobile phones just keep pouring in. So no one will know which phone will be on top on the next review or after. For example, Apple has done well considering it has doubled down in the listing. This is a good sign for consumers considering that the various innovations and specifications are getting better and better. This ranking helps you compare the best features of a wide range of mobile phones in the market.

Now, it is your choice to utilize the benefits and advantages of knowing the rankings by either patronizing the mobile phone of your choice or by reading the reviews about a particular phone brand.

Article written by Gilbert Dadia