Feel Lucky in the Year of the Wood Horse

Chinese New Year 2014
By Gilbert Dadia

Kung Hei Fat Choy! Chinese New Year of 2014 brings in the Year of the Wood Horse! Question is do you feel lucky? Well, if you want to be cautious about your luck and fortunes in the Year of the Wood Horse, there are lucky items to buy or wear to bring in good fortune or ward off bad vibes.

Traditional feng shui lucky charms are made from Jade and have a red tassel and usually the guardian animal of the specific sign–which is understandably the animal with the best relation and most compatible with the animal of the year. (Example: For the Year of the Horse, the Goat charm is most compatible and can give you the most protection under any circumstance). Reason why you will see a lot of Goat feng shui charms with color adornments in bracelets, key chains and tassels this year! By giving away sticky rice cakes (Tikoy) and Red “Ang Pao” Envelopes you increase your luck and prosperity! Exploding firecrackers and lighting fireworks scares away evil spirits.

 good luck items 2014
For the Year of the Wood Horse, lucky colors include all shades of green and brown as they feed the Horse, also water element colors blue and black as they nourish wood element. As always, the color red plays an important part in Chinese New Year as it brings prosperity and is in tune with the legend of Nian, the lion-like monster that preyed on Chinese villagers and their property who was defeated because it was afraid of the color red and noise as a wise old man has advised the villagers. Wear Jewelry made from natural crystals, jade, agate malachite, turquoise, pearls, moonstone and black onyx. Purchase dresses, pants and jewelry and accessories with these shades to enhance your luck for the Year of the Wood Horse! Feel lucky, get lucky in the Year of the Wood Horse!