Valentine’s Day for Singles

Enjoy the Perks of Single Blessedness!

It’s not that gloomy really! Spending Valentine’s Day alone could be an invigorating and uplifting experience! True, millions of lovers around the city and the love struck may have the time of their lives on this special red letter day, but, you too can have a special V-Day even if you are single!

love yourself

Love, love, love yourself by going to the spa and relaxing the whole of Valentine’s Day away! Get the “Full Treatment” from head to foot body scrub, massage and all the works in between! You will surely feel refreshed and invigorated and relieved of the stress that has been bothering you. It will be a stress-free V-Day for you.

Treat yourself to that special dinner or lunch you have been dreaming of for months! Be it a gastronomic delight or a simple yet comfort food-styled fare. This meal will surely make you happy and content for the day. Food is after all basic, so why not splurge on this special day and give in to your heart’s, rather to your stomach’s content.

Eat chocolates! According to research, they have a content which releases a”feel good” chemical in your brain that makes you happy.  Experience the sweet pleasure in every mouthful of bites!

Indulge yourself, take a pick from these chocolates:

Ailesi Chocolate Big Heart

Ailesi Chocolate

Baby Ruth Chocolate

Baby Ruth

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Original

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Original Sea Shells

Kisses Cherry Cordial

Kisses Cherry Cordial

Lindth Swiss Thins

Lindt Swiss Thins Milk Chocolate

m & m's

M and M’s Chocolate Peanut



Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate

Vochelle Fruit and Nuts

Vochelle Fruit and Nuts

Buy something extra special for yourself. For her it may be an elegant dress, a shoe or a piece of pricey Jewelry. For him it may be an expensive shirt, a tie or that classy watch you’ve been a eyeing for the longest time.

Single on Valentine’s Day? Enjoy it to the fullest, who knows it may be your last Valentine’s Day being single!

Written by Gilbert Dadia