Why Hearts, Cupid and Flowers at Valentine’s Day

cupid and heartWhy are there always hearts and cupids during Valentine’s Day? One of two persons attributed to this and mentioned is Baal which was one title for Nimrod the mighty hunter-warrior god of the ancients which also means “lord” or “master” and is mentioned in the bible as the god of pagans. In ancient Chaldean, the language of the Babylonians “bal” which meant “heart” was similar to Baal. It is here, as claimed by some where the valentine symbol of a heart originated. A pagan symbol connected to”bal”.

Now, the other person involved is Cupid whose name comes from the latin word “cupere” meaning “to desire”. Cupid is the son of Venus the goddess of beauty and love. In mythology he was believed to be responsible for impregnating many goddesses and mortals. He was a mischievous child-like archer using invisible arrows tipped with gold to strike unwary men and women to make them fall in love and drive them crazy with passion to make their lives miserable not happy.

Now the history of giving flowers for Valentine’s Day started in the old-fashioned custom of sending floral bouquets to pass non-verbal messages which was introduced during the 18th century by Charles II of Sweden. It is said each flower had a particular meaning and made it possible for individuals to hold entire conversations by using just flowers! Even today, sending flowers could still say a lot of words! The rose is the traditional Valentine’s Day flower because it signifies Romantic Love.

Why hearts, Cupid and flowers, well now you know!

By Gilbert Dadia