When It is Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentines dayFebruary 14, Valentine’s Day is the most awaited day for millions of lovers around the world! Happy are those who are in love on this special occasion and have someone to share it with! Surely hearts are aflutter! For the dashing males out there the rush for last minute preparations for a special romantic dinner or lunch and gifts of flowers and chocolates or stuffed teddy bears are tops on the day’s agenda. For the blushing and anticipating ladies, looking simply beautiful for their smitten sweetheart is the order of the day. Surely, two lovebirds head-over-heels in love with each other will have only eyes for one another on V-Day! The valentine of your life will surely feel your love on this special day of hearts! Show and let your date know and feel she or he is the only person in your eyes! One needs to be loved to be able to give love in return!

When it is love a bouquet of red roses, heart-shaped chocolates and cupids and stuffed toys and a romantic dinner or lunch for two can definitely make your valentine’s day truly a perfect red-lettered day. Especially when spent with the apple of your eye! Create a day where the two of you will enjoy each other’s company and make it a day to remember for all time!

Celebrating your very own special Valentine’s Day may well be outrageously extravagant or so basically simple that it is really your choice! What is most important is that you are celebrating it with someone you truly love and care about! Valentine’s Day could well be an everyday occurrence if spent with your ultimate love!

Be my Valentine! And I will be your Valentine forever!

By Gilbert Dadia