1986 People Power Revolution

The successful People Power Revolution from February 22 to February 25, 1986, was an awe inspiring peaceful revolution that toppled a ruthless dictator’s regime, President Ferdinand Marcos who held the Presidency with an iron fist from 1965 until his historic downfall in 1986! The peaceful EDSA People Power Revolution drew accolades around the world for Filipinos’ brand of peaceful civil resistance in overthrowing a tyrant. EDSA Installed to the presidency Corazon Aquino; a plain, religious housewife and better half of Marcos nemesis, the martyred Ninoy Aquino as president.
Now, with the EDSA People Power Revolution 28 years after, ask yourself where are you now in the annals of history? Are you still poor? Is the government still corrupt with nepotism still an existing issue, and with the people continuing to fear the military?

EDSA 28 Years After

EDSA 28 Years After

What do you have to say as an EDSA Baby? Do you see any positive changes? Have the promises and gains trickled down to the grassroots level with the fruits of the peaceful revolution filtering down to the masses?
Is the economy better now? Do people continue to believe in its government and its programs with three administrations having passed on; President Fidel Ramos, President Joseph Estrada, President Gloria Arroyo and now with the presidency of the son of the one who instigated the EDSA People Power Revolution President Noynoy Aquino.
Abject poverty, authoritarian corruption, martial law, despotism, nepotism, cronyism and political dynasties, disappearances, fear and military brutality reigned during President Ferdinand Marcos’ time in power. Even the press was gagged and terrorized during his period in office with numerous legitimate newspapers, radio and television stations closed down. Businesses of political opponents were handed out to his cronies and relatives as spoils of victory. The Marcos plunder amounting to billions of dollars is still believed to be scattered around the world, although the PCGG or the Philippine Commission on Good Government has recovered a small part of this loot. A larger chunk is still out there!
Twenty eight years later, EDSA 1986 People Power Revolution is still in the process of evolving to grant Filipinos in general a better life and a secure future!
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By Gilbert Dadia