For Bag-A-Holics Out There

What if?


       What would you do if you saw a bag lying on the street? Would you totally ignore it? Walk off with it as your own when no one is looking? Look around to find its owner? Look for an I.D. inside the bag to find a contact number or an address? Go to the police and report the mysterious bag? Are these tough questions, not really if you can find its rightful owner and return the bag right away. It is in situations such as this that defines who you are and what action you would take.

     By the way if you were the owner of the bag, what would be the contents of your bag and what would its brand be?

Unfortunately though you really don’t know what would happen do you? Well, it should be obvious in the first place YOU should RETURN it to its rightful owner. Honesty aside that does not usually happen so when someone returns a lost item, people are understandably astonished most especially the one who lost the item in the first place!

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bag northface

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bag simply vera

          Simply Vera Vera Wang Triple Entry Shopper – Buff

bag new york

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The lost bag, try to find the owner and return it of course! Place yourself on her/his shoes and you will feel the desperation of finding your lost bag again! After all, good deeds can never go wrong!

By Gilbert Dadia