What’s In Your Bag?


what's in your bagWhen buying a bag do we instinctively think of what we are going to put in it? Or do we buy it because it suits our particular fancy or it is simply the new “vogue bag” in town?

For sure girls would have pressed powder, makeup, compact mirror, tissue paper, lip gloss or lipstick, comb and favorite perfume or cologne. As for the boys, anything goes! A shirt, favorite perfume, face towel, deodorant and most probably the list is practically endless! A bag’s contents are practically a window to one’s personality and the bag itself to a person’s sense of style and preference. Truly it says a lot about the owner!

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Let us try a game, can you guess what is in your best friend’s bag right now? And can your close friends speculate on what is in your bag?

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Keep in mind that your bag and the things inside it are an extension of yourself! It expresses who you are deep down inside.

By Gilbert Dadia