Are you at Home in the Kitchen?

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Kitchen Conversations

Everyone loves to eat, that’s for sure! Be it fine dining, fast food, home cooking or simple comfort food, we just love to eat. While some people are voracious eaters who will eat almost anything under the sun there are also those who are picky eaters. But, it is a reality that most people just don’t know how to cook even the simplest of dishes even if it is their favorite dish! Cooking basically is not in their blood they say, and the mere thought of cooking sends shivers down their spines! While there are also individuals who would do anything to be in the kitchen in front of the stove or the oven toiling away to their hearts’ content either to cook or to bake! It is second nature for them to cook, bake or concoct dishes out of nothing and come up with gastronomic feasts!

At we would like to know what dishes you prepare at home or what your family members’ favorite dishes are, and also which beverage you prefer: coffee, tea, fresh juice or soda and why? Or, if you think vegetarians are more or less healthy than meat eaters? Tell us what you think at #kitchenconversations for twitter.

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By the way, think for a while and picture this, how can you enjoy the food you love when you cannot even prepare and cook them yourself? Tough question huh!
Now, if you’re at home in the kitchen then its second nature for you to cook or bake consequently that’s good for you and those lucky ones around you! For sure your cooking and or baking will be the talk of home celebrations and occasions for generations to come!
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