The Best Adobo Around

By Gilbert Dadia

Adobo? Almost everyone says their version of adobo is the best there is around! There must be as many versions of cooking and preparing adobo as there are as many people cooking this favorite Filipino viand! Every region in the Philippines has its own take on this dish and every province has quite a few styles of cooking it as well! Truly versatile!



This dish is so Filipino you will surely find a version of it in most “carinderias” and almost all wayside eateries in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Same as with the ubiquitous ‘sinigang” style of cooking which also has numerous versions according to region!

You can cook adobo from pork or chicken and mix with hard boiled eggs or with potatoes or with green chick peas or made from chicken feet or pork liver or chicken gizzard or pork knuckles or ears and venturing into the exotic even field mice, frogs, snakes, crickets and anything else under the sun! What more, there are as many versions of cooking it, either frying the meat first or braising it or cooking it all at once in the pot or cooking the meat and adding the rest later on in the cooking process one after another. There are versions that are cooked with a lot of fried garlic and there are versions that are cooked with vinegar and soy sauce or sugary sweet or cooked in soy sauce alone combined with black peppers. Then there are versions that are cooked with coconut cream with a lot of red hot chili peppers. There are those that are fried until crispy and there are those swimming in pork fat. Beyond doubt adobo has so many versions even particular families follow their own special recipe that are handed down through generations!

The best adobo around, you guessed it! It is that which you grew up with eating and savoring during family gatherings and family meals together! It is the adobo version which you are more accustomed to!



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