Have a Great Family Picnic!

By : Gilbert Dadia

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Imagine being in a beautiful place such as a flowing river or a park and seeing yourself enjoying a sumptuous meal outdoors with the whole family or with friends. You cook and bring along the kind of food and drinks you want to share with in the company of your closest family and friends.

In a picnic area near a river, family members can swim and frolic in its cool sparkling water or try fishing with a fishing rod or fishing net. While, in a beautiful park, you can enjoy the rolling view and the wide open spaces and breezy air and do selfies! Family picnics literally don’t have any rules as each and every one of the family can have their kind of fun without hurting one another of course! During family picnics you can hold games such as tag, touch ball, fly kites, play board games, kids can run around freely while grown-ups can lounge around and sleep on the grass on a warm cozy day! Picnics help keep families stay closer together as pleasant memories are reinforced in the experience!

Picnics promote a physical well being like no other in that it makes one feel hale and hearty inside. I still vividly recall the happy picnics with family and relatives in different rivers in my province, the happy bantering while swimming and enjoying the mouth-watering food and cold drinks. It is part of some of my childhood’s sweetest memories during the summer season.