School Opening Once Again!

SY 2014

Back to School

Back To School

School’s back! Yes! It’s back to books, terror professors, boring subjects, cramming, written tests, oral recitations and school orgs and of course crushes!  New expectations, classmates and professors add to the excitement and suspense of the incoming school year, not to mention and to be forgotten, new and diverse things to be learned and experienced! Remember, school lends a hand to hone your talents and refine the rough edges of your personality.

After sleepless nights and weeks of not knowing where to dig up funds for our ballooning tuition fees, our loving parents somehow came through and scrapped up some cash to enroll us to school. Now, it’s our token responsibility to at least try our very best to study and not put their sacrifices and dreams to see us graduate go to waste and down the drain. offers various school supplies and gadgets delivered right at your doorsteps within 3-7 days by our trusted partners upon payment though accredited banking institutions, credit cards, SmartMoney, Globe G-Cash, PayPal or COD.


dell laptop


hawk bag

Hawk Backpack 4171 BP

iphone 5s gold

Apple iPhone 5s Gold 16GB

LACOSTE Croc In The City Boston PLUM

LACOSTE Croc In The City Boston PLUM