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At first, it has been observed that Smartphone prices begin to lower on the 90th day upon its release. It was THEN, long before Smartphone manufacturers only launched one to three devices a year. It was a period where a new flagship phone is unveiled almost every two months. With our new consumer and economic trend, it will now take more than three months to finally afford your dream Smartphone.

Among all Smartphone devices, perhaps the most expensive units are made by Apple Inc.  The newest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are no different and they will surely remain expensive for a very long time. What matters now is your resolve, your want and your need to get this highly demanded device for less.

On average, these devices are offered for an astonishing 60-000 up to a hundred thousand pesos. When every peso counts, it is a retailer’s duty to find a way to reduce the price without resorting to fraud, improper transactions and class-A replacements. One of the successful, if not the most successful retail online shop that was able to waive a huge percentage off these device’s selling price is

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

We know what you’re expecting on the newest iPhone 6. We know that you already know the basic specifications of this highly anticipated and highly demanded device.

We know that you know that on paper, iPhone 6 is considered less superior compared to the latest device releases of their close competitors. There’s no sugar coating the fact that Apple inc. is no longer innovating. Instead, they are playing catch up. You may have read the reviews and conclude that this brand isn’t any better than any of the other flagship phones.

Conspiracy theories even surfaced believing that iPhone 6 was released to stop the impending Apple user transfer to Android devices and the fact that iPhone 6 finally catches up with a lot of other flagships in terms of feature set, gives those who prefer iOS a reason to stay with Apple.

For such an expensive device, will this device be worth it?

Of course it will. Who wouldn’t want to have this device, which conforms effectively to every latest slimmer device design. It has a standing length 5.44 inches, a width of 2.64 inches and thinness of no more than 0.27 inches.  This device weighed in at just 129 grams.

iPhone 6

Its capacitive screen- based operations interface can effectively interpret signals, motions and commands for up to ten separate handles.

This device is also one of the ideal portable Smartphone-and-media-playing-device.  The inner working of the phone’s screen itself is specially engineered to display multi-million color variations. Throw in a great speaker system and a quality image and motion capture technology and you have the embodiment of a “Smartphone”.

Still not satisfied? Add an A8 chip with 64-bit architecture and a M8 motion coprocessor, casual gaming as well as advance gaming graphics and experience is in the palm of your hands. In addition, it has a decent battery life.

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More than 10 million combined sales of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are sold in less than a week.  iPhone 6 is a testament that you won’t need a the latest hardware available to create a whole new kind of Smartphone experience. iPhone 6 is all about effective software and hardware integration. Experience it yourself and for a lesser price at

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When the company’s senior officers and development heads are making the primary testimonials, you can be sure that this device is the real deal.
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