Bag of Goodies: Lots of Snacks for Half the Price!

GoodsPh Bag of Goodies

Craving for a snack? gives you a great way of providing a wide selection of delicious snacks at a low, low discounted price of P1, 499! Get a whopping 44% off on the Bag of Goodies.

Imagine having a party, a get together or even an outing where you can save at least half the cost for your snacks alone. Super, isn’t it! Your Bag of Goodies is filled with 19 different delicious snacks all yours for the picking! For gastronomic popcorn lovers enjoy munching Chef Tony’s White Chocolate Parmesan in Large Tub and Mochachino with Whole Almonds in Small Tub.Take personal pleasure in deliciously sinking your teeth into Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter Spread made from crushed biscuits and gingerbread. This special sandwich spread alone would have cost you at least five hundred bucks! For true-blooded chocolate lovers, how about a chunky bar of mouth-watering Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate to indulge your sweet tooth! Chips?Of course! You can enjoy sixdifferent flavors from Jack n Jill Fun Snacks and add a Ruffles Cheddar Sour CreamChips Snack on this list! As for certified cookie buffs out there, sink your teeth into Chips Ahoy! Chewy Birthday Frosting and Chips Ahoy Dulce De Leche Chip Cookies and Jules Destrooper Choco Thins! For the kids, there’s soft, sweet and tangy Trolli Gummy Candy to gobble up!

You can save as much as P1, 191.71 when you order a Bag of Goodies now! So, what are you waiting for? Order your Bag of Goodies with just a click of a mouse on your laptop and enjoy your snack time favorites anywhere, anytime! Your Bag of Goodies is full of choice products from well known brands everyone from all ages would love to munch on! You can also avail of many more Grocery items online.

The Bag of Goodies Promo will surely make snack picking an easier task for busy individuals holding parties for family and friendly get-togethers. Simply order a Bag of Goodies and you can snack on what you want! And, there are a lot of other Daily Deal promos, PISO Sale and other special discount offers in store for loyal Customers.