Lollipop OS: Sweet Exterior; Lots of Promise

Smartphones would be worthless without the Operating systems (OS).After all; it is the program that manages all the aspects of Smartphone operation. As Smartphone companies continue to innovate, we consumers do our best to be knowledgeable on the electronic device jargon. We are better informed than ever. Your knowledge and research skills will be put to good use as you explore more on this newest Operating system developed by Google for an even smoother Smartphone Operation.

Introducing the Android Lollipop!

Android Lollipop

Don’t be fooled by its sweet name.  It’s a hardcore and powerful operating system that promises more intuitive command recognition, more security, more versatility and better over-all Smartphone performance. It is an open platform for all android devices but for the mean time, only the Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player will enter the market with this latest OS development. These three devices are expected to be launched on November.

What to expect from the Lollipop? will give you a primer about this new OS.

According to Google, The Lollipop is a continuing the promise that made the Kit Kat a champion among masses, and that is to make sure that all smartphones, even of the first generation or those phones that only feature a built-in 512-megabytes of memory, to still experience the best OS.

Android Lollipop

This OS has improved structure for multi-user usage. This feature has been present even on early Android OS but the Lollipop gives a user an upgraded ability to create his/ her own profile and for his/her friends and family. You can lock some applications if someone is using your tablet for gaming or browsing.  This will surely prevent some accidental in-app purchases. Also, switching users from the lock screen is now faster. But unlike the 4.3 OS, this is not limited to just tablet operation.

For texts, the OS now provides better preview, without completely opening the actual message.

Android Lollipop

This OS retained the feature that helps on an Android Phone’s memory efficiency by throwing index files about your downloaded applications.

With Lollipop, you can control your phone’s notification for text calls or calls in any occasion. In addition, the Os promises less jump scare or rage moments on your gaming sessions by better call handling. Instead of a phone call interface fully taking over your screen, this time only a noticeable notification will appear on top of your screen, to take or reject a call won’t be a hindrance to your gaming experience. This feature is handy for online gamers.

More and more features will be revealed this November. We are just months away until hopefully, all Android based platforms adapt this latest Operating System technology. Until then, make yourself more informed on more communication device terminologies.

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