CashCashPinoy Penalized for Alleged Selling of Fake Luxury Items

Modes of payment for CashCashPinoy will be temporarily limited due to incidents of what customers label as “online scams”. Paypal and Banco De Oro were forced to suspend their banking and money transfer service commitments to the said online shop until CashCashPinoy make all the necessary amends to resolve multiple customer complaints of untrustworthiness.


The incident was brought to light when social media sites were flooded by customer claims that CashCashPinoy’s products are not a hundred percent authentic. Luxury bags and other high valued items ordered on the said online portal where, as per reports and concerns.

The action of both BDO and Paypal were attributed to a post of a concerned consumer in, in which the said customer ordered bags and devices from CashCashPinoy only to realize that they are imitations upon expert’s assessments.

In an unofficial press release, Paypal claims to value the integrity of their services as well as customer’s welfare, and so, they have temporarily stopped to grant CashCashPinoy’s buyers and visitors access to Paypal’s fund transfer services. “The PayPal Acceptable Use Policy expressly prohibits the use of our service to encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity.” a Paypal representative quoted.

CashCashPinoy is owned and controlled by Moonline Corp.

On a separate, still unofficial statement from BDO sources, they have confirmed a temporary blockade on all CashCashPinoy transactions within their domain. CashCashPinoy, being dynamic, has made all the necessary website updates and as of the afternoon of this day, November 07, 2014, there are still no signs of continuing relations between CashCAshPinoy and BDO as well as PayPal.

BDO Payment Method Not Available

BDO Payment Method Not Available Anymore

CashCashPinoy has yet to release a statement.

The event has received mixed reactions from online shoppers, in which more have sided with the customers. Over the years, online shopping sites have been bombarded by thousands of complaints about failed orders, wrong product deliveries, false advertising and not adhering to the nation’s trade and industry of refund and return policy.

Supporters of CashCashPinoy on the other hand, hopes that the shop will make all the necessary steps to resolve the said controversy and commit publicly that they will not take advantage of an online shopper’s trust.

The yuletide season is fast approaching. This is the season where the convenience and full advantage of venturing into online shopping is in fully exhibited. Consumers, against or pro online shopping will eventually look for three thing in return when shopping—that is to save time, save expense and have a trustworthy buying platforms.

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