The Real Enjoyment in Virtual TV Eyeglasses

Virtual TV Eyeglass is a relatively new technology that promises enjoyment by unlocking the magic and science behind our sight. Through experimentations and observation, the Virtual TV Eyeglass has successfully mastered the measurement and calibrations to turn a three inch diameter lens into a 52 inch virtual movie screen. Through experience and constant brain adaptations, Virtual TV glasses tricks us into believing that we are seeing a 700 inch silver screen (yup, not just 52). This is the kind of trickery that we all hope to experience…

…and you can! A device like this is now available in the country. Is it affordable? Heck yeah! You can get it here: Virtual TV Eyeglass.

Virtual TV Eyeglasses

With max settings (volume included) it creates a brand new viewing experience. This device blocks out all unwanted external viewing factors. It comes with a screen display so clear, you will be fully engrossed in a virtual world full of drama, adventure and love. It separates you from the real world for hours and hours. It is perfect for long trips.

This is a personal device. It can serve one person at a time.

With the Virtual TV glasses, you can watch movies any time and any place. This occupies minimal face area by adapting an eyewear like hardware form. Features a stylish, state of the art design that can be mounted on any facial structure. Designed to accommodate any nasal structure. Has attachments to ensure proper fit, comfort and right external light and sound blockade. All the controls are within the device’s parts and can be easily activated.

Virtual TV Eyeglass Back View

Comes with adjustable stereo headphones. It can also serve as a digital data saving platform. Virtual TV glasses have a built-in 4GB internal memory hardware, which can be expanded up to 32 GB Micro SD card.

File transfer and sharing are both USB enabled. Plays almost all kinds of video and sound format. Makers of these amazing virtual glasses suggest to transfer or save movie files in RM/FLV , AVI, MPEG format. For photos, it is advisable to save such data in JPEG, BMP, GIF formats. And for Audio, MP3, WAV, FLAC, APE format.

The future of personal movie viewing is here. Expect upgrades on this device these coming days and years. Until then, buy the first generation Virtual TV glasses on the best online shop.