Four Smartphone Apps Advocating Child Safety and Monitoring

Child safety will always be the top priority of any parent. As much as possible, we want to establish numerous safety zones for our children. However, complicated public transportation and the daily pressure of working life has been an obstruction to the much needed parent-children relationship. Plus, we are no stranger to the fact that the world we live in is a dangerous place.

Many parents are in a hurry to get to work, or wherever their daily routine takes them. Every parent wants to make sure their children are always on the right track both literally and figuratively. It is a parent’s dream to watch their kids while working. Well, dream no more. Child protection has now evolved together with today’s technological advancement. Parents can now track their children with the aid of smartphones and the World Wide Web.

Here are some of the Smartphone apps to keep your Children safe.

1. Sygic Family
Sygic family offers on the spot update on your child’s location. Equipped with Family GPS Tracker, your family can share location safely. It keeps parents in touch and lets them see where everybody is in real-time. With Sygic Family GPS Tracker you can send free short messages. This Application gives parents the option to create Safe and Unsafe zones. It also has automatic notifications when kids enter or leave a designated safe and unsafe zone. One unique feature in this App is its ability to check the location history of your child’s phone during the last seven days.
This app was free for a limited time on Google Play and App Store. Sygic Family now charges 2.99 Euro a year/family.

Sygic Family


2. Life360
Similar to Sygic Family, this Free Application acts like a GPS locator. Life360 also features panic button with preset safe and unsafe zones. Nearest hospitals and police station are regularly updated through internet. Life 360 gives a definite line of communication during emergency situations. When phone lines and other communication systems go down, family members can still send messages to their contacts for free through the company’s servers.



3. MamaBear
Provides online safety for children engaging on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.
Mamabear is a free App which alerts the parents when their child is tagged on a “friend’s” photo/s or a crude word comes up on your child’s chat box. Having said that, parents can list down words that they find offensive or rude. MamaBear team is in the process of working with Twitter and Instagram to identify their pre-teen users.

4. Mobile Kids
This App will alert parents if their children are using phones in the middle of the night. Apparently, this app wants kids to rest on time and teaches the kids the limitation of phone usage. Mobile Kids also informs parents if their child downloads a new Application or if their child received a message from an unlisted contact.

Mobile Kids
There are more child-safety and monitoring apps online. This list serves more like a guideline. Be sure to look for the applications that cover the same function as the ones we recommends.