Top 10 Smartphones for 2014

The word “best” is overly used in the telecommunications and smartphone manufacturing industry. Remember the time when the Nokia 3310 was considered as the device to have. Even then, to get recognized as the “best” is great, yet short-lived.

At, we define “best” not as a singular entity but a group of smartphones, made by different manufacturers that are dedicated to serve multinational device preferences. We define devices as “best” if they can stand the test if time and able to maintain competition for the next two years after their release. This 2014, we have witnessed the great growth of the Smartphone industry, there were new brand names, new perspective and a whole new kind of playing field.

Top 10 Smartphones for 2014

So, when do we say that a certain in the best? We personally believe that it’s not the big sounding chips name, parts and specifications that led consumers and users alike to consider a phone to be the best. In fact, this 2014, almost all new flagship phones run on the same parts. The only difference would be the handling experience, operating system calibration and the kind of customer support that a certain manufacturer ensures. also thinks that it’s the small details that make a device even more recognized. It’s the small additives like the tricks you uncovered that were not even in the manual and on the device’s specifications. Brand trust is also involved.

If you’re planning to purchase a new 2014-released phone, we have a few recommendations. Filipinos are still more inclined to purchase Samsung and Apple Smartphones, but for out ten suggestions, we will limit it to one Smartphone model per manufacturer.

In no particular order, the phones that we believe to still be on top of their game ‘til 2016 are:

1. Samsung Galaxy S5. Now with more precise heart rate monitor and an amazing finger print authority recognition. A device that provides privacy and great handling experience. This device will not be overshadowed by Samsung’s newest flagship phone—the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy S5

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2. HTC One M8. A second generation smartphone that may cause HTC to change their credo, which says “quietly brilliant”. The HTC One M8 is making buzz for its upbeat command recognition software, impressive design and intuitive camera setting.

HTC One M8

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3. iPhone 6 Plus. The model that confirms that the phone design trend for the next years would greatly resemble to that of a phablet. The first Apple Inc. Smartphone to adapt bigger dimensions to make way for better upgrades. Recognized as the best and fastest Apple Smartphone to date. Let’s just hope that the “bending” problem be resolved as soon as possible.

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4. LG G2. Cheap for a device with the latest features. You can expect impressive design, handy features and greater software calibrations. Lacks a memory card slot but has a considerable amount of built-in storage capacity.


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5. OnePlus One. The cheapest high end phone you can buy. Features a simple design but packs top notch inner circuitry. Runs on CynogenMod, a slightly customized setting of Android operating system.

OnePlus One

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6. Sony Xperia Z3. Great primary camera, polished overall performance and amazing battery life. Can last up to two days of heavy device usage. Praised for having a high resolution audio playback and support.

Sony Xperia Z3

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7. Moto X. Sturdy, like really really sturdy. Features a unique Motorola Active Display and intuitive command recognition.

Moto X

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8. Nexus 6. Great screen display. High end specs and excellent media playing capacity. Has the same dimensions as the iPhone 6 plus but more affordable. Offers device flexibility in terms of customization of primary user interface.

Nexus 6

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9.Nokia Lumia 930. Refined Nokia device. Has optical image stabilization upgrade on its camera and wireless battery charging.

Nokia Lumia title=

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10. Asus ZenFone 6. The ideal portable media playing device. Has a 6.57-inch screen display and crisp screen texture.

Asus ZenFone 6

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You may also check cheapest smartphone deals. We know that some are still unfamiliar with some of the names. But they are worth the researching and great devices to have. All these devices are designed to satisfy most if not all user preferences of the new generation.