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To further expand your Tablet choices, presents —Cheap Tablets alternatives. This is a budget-friendly category that aims to satisfy your tablet needs and still possess the performance that is comparable to those of high end devices.

Cheapest Tablets

Tablets, as a start, were primarily made to create a whole new kind of user experience by providing a more portable and lightweight alternative to the already portable and lightweight laptops. Cheap android tablets packs an amazing circuitry, some will have the graphic and processing quality on par with some laptop and high end tablet models. These devices are considered to be the best representation of portable and affordable computing device plus a great working space. These tablets can also support document writing and editing.

If affordability is the game, these tablets are the winners.

Asus Memo Pad HD8. Runs on quadcore central processing unit and supports all types of data connectivity setting. Experience its top class screen display and multi touch calibration for ₱9,995.00.

Asus Memo Pad HD8
Samsung SM T210 Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 – For only ₱8,316.00, you can own this flexible device. Runs on still totally great Android 4.1.2 or Jelly Bean. Has a one Gigabyte RAM hardware. Has an expandable digital data storage capacity up to 64 GBs.

Samsung SM T210 Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
Lenovo A1. Designed for multi-media playing. Portable and affordable for only ₱6,201.00. Has a Geo-tagging feature as well as other helpful and manageable health monitoring software.

Lenovo A1
HP 7 plus Tablet. Designed for moderate device usage, Equipped with a 2800 mAh Lithium polymer battery but has a fast charging function. Own this unit for only ₱5,990.00.

HP 7 plus Tablet
Monster 9.7 inches Android TabPC with HDMI. The screen display and dimension is top notch, yet only sold for ₱4,443.96 at Provides better viewing experience. This model is also equipped with a decent sound hardware and sound support extensions.

Monster 9.7 inches ANDROID TABPC WITH HDMI

Hybrid v7 Dualcore Android 4.2 TabPC with HDMI and Flash. For a price of ₱3,977.00, this unit is ideal for casual gaming. Has a decent CPU and Graphics card.

Hybrid v7 Dualcore Android 4.2 TabPC with HDMI and Flash
XTAB iCore 7. Buy this unit for just ₱3,078.00. Comes with a dual camera, a single core processor and a one GB DD3 RAM.

XTAB iCore 7

Telego Mobile Tablets G708 is the cheapest of them all. You can own one today for only ₱1,899.00. Functions as transition devices that are made the most user-friendly for easier control and user customization.

Telego G708


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Photo credits: Tab Times