How to Look for Reliable Online Shop this Yuletide Season

It’s the merry season for everyone. By everyone, really means e-ve-ry-one, even those scammers on the digital domain. This Christmas season, we need to exercise more scrutiny when we purchase products. Especially when online shopping.

Safe Online Shopping

All online shops will appear authentic. After all, the process of online shopping can be easily copied by almost anyone. In Philippines alone, there are hundreds maybe thousands of online shops and they all employ the basic customer relation, advertising and service processes. Its accessibility and simplicity are its key characteristics. However, these qualities are also the things that online scammers exploit for their own personal gain.

The subject of online scams is not new to you. As we try to upgrade our digital security; crammers on the other hand will stop at nothing to break the safety measures set by credit card companies and the consumers themselves.

Reliable Online Shop

We always try our best to be knowledgeable about daily transaction in life. Despite our wisdom, there are instances where we are fooled by ill-mannered individuals who use their technical and persuading skills for wrong goals. These individuals seem to see even the smallest loophole of digital security and make the most of it.

Here are the latest security tips for secured online transaction.

  1. The online store should be accessible so that you will know the location. You should make sure that the store offers security.
  2. 2. Try to buy from a seller who has a good rating. Be sure to read even the lowest one-star reviews up to the highest five-star rating. Usually, a one star reviews are from individuals who can’t do something productive on their extra time. Similarly, five-star reviews are PR writers employed by the online shop. You could easily tell if a review is a PR tool or just a baseless insult because of repeated mentioning of a single offense and single compliment.
  3. Check the warranty that is available for devices like Smartphones. An online store must adhere to the manufacturer’s product warranty.
  4. Don’t always go for the cheapest price. Scammers can pretend to be selling a product at a very low price. Scammers do this to steal your credit card or bank account information. In the same manner, they will take your hard earned money and send you low quality products or worse—nothing at all.
  5. 5. Read comments of people who have already purchased the product from the site.
  6. Be very careful when sharing credit card information. You must be certain that the website is secured. The best way to know if the site is protected is if the URL starts with ‘https//:’ instead of the usual ‘http//:’
  7. Do not enter your credit card or online account information on a website that you are not certain is genuine. If you want to pay through cheques, you have to make sure that cheques have been cleared by your bank.
  8. Never open suspicious or unwanted email.
  9. Check if the website has a refund or return policy. Legal and real online shopping and auction sites will have detailed and concrete complaint or dispute handling processes.
  10. Designate one shopper and one card. Give one person in the family the responsibility for all online purchases. It is ideal give this duty to someone who pays the bills because they can religiously check financial statements and online transactions for unauthorized charges.
  11. Use password managers and above all…
  12. Use your common sense.

Online Shop Scammers

Other signs of online scam are when:

  1. A “representative” from that online shop or auction site wants to complete the sale outside of the digital domain.
  2. When an online shops insists on immediate payment and cash transfer.
  3. The online shopping website lacks information about privacy protection, terms and conditions, site rules and regulation and incomplete contact information.