Five Money Saving Apps

Managing expenses is imperative for any economic situation. There’s tons of fully and newly developed money saving applications to help us spend cautiously. ere are five of some of the most publicly reviewed and publicly recommended apps.


  1. Fuel SchoolFuel School

Familiar with the term “virtual teacher”? This app promises to decrease user’s fuel consumption by teaching drivers how to drive more efficiently. This application studies our driving style through Global Positioning System or GPS and records it via efficiency charts and journey logs. This app also features a green eco meter, which serves as a book of tips and driving techniques as well as providing eco-saving advices on how to maintain your vehicle and make the most out of your tank.

This App runs on iPhone and Android phones for $69.

A little trivia: based on Fuel Schools’ studies, driving at 80mph can use up to 25% more fuel than driving at 70mph, so  for a small speed difference, you are draining your petrol tank. To be more concise, the app also estimates that driving at 70mph uses up to nine percent more fuel than at 60mph, and up to 15 % more than at 50mph.


  1. Azimo

This Application has gained popularity among Europeans for its advertisement as the cheapest, safest and easiest way to send money anywhere in United Kingdom and more than a hundred countries across Europe, Asia (including the Philippines), Africa and the Americas.

To send money, users need to register and enter the recipient’s bank account details.



Azimo charges about one percent of the value of the transaction, up to a maximum of 15 Euros per transaction. The app claims to ensure big savings versus other money transfer methods. For example, sending 500 Euros from the UK to the Philippines would cost around 40 Euros at a typical bank, 20 Euros with Western Union and Paypal, whereas Azimo would only charge five Euros.

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Azimo promises one of the best exchange rates, and has added bonuses like— the first service is free and a discount code for the next transfer.

Azimo is free for iPhone and Android Users.


  1. Vouchercloud

A must have for people who eats out frequently. This application gives discounts to a user without printing discount vouchers.  This is also a free application for iPhone, Android and Blackberry Phones.


Vouchercloud also provides fresh deals straight to your mobile. There is a GPS enabled search function, which finds deals to cater everyone. You can simply run this app with GPS or Wi-Fi and you can find shops in your current area offering great deals.

Downloand App Here!


  1. Tip N Split

Tip N Split takes away the stressful process of working out How-Much-Friend-A-must-contribute-for-our-Group Meal.

Tip N Split allows users to calculate how to share the price on the receipt and works out the amount of service charge too. This app is created to save time as a bit of money along the way.

This free app is available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Phones.

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Tip N Split

  1. Spendometer

Spendometer provides an essential and effective tool to ensure you make the most of your money.

The app features a “spendometer” dial similar to a car’s speedometer. The principle of this application is simple, as long as you keep the dial from entering the red zone, you’re doing great on your expenses.


This is only a simple finance app, this isn’t going to import your bank data and sort out loans. The apps main function is to will warn you when you go over your pre-set budgets.

This app is ideal for the casual spenders and students, who need to set a weekly budget to ensure they stay within their financial limits.

Download Spendometer here!