Christmas Gift Ideas for the Family

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Family

One unique trait that Filipinos living in the countryside practice is that families care for their neighbors. This trait is not mostly seen in the Metro. Even people living in a single condominium building hardly know each other.  If there’s one house or family we know, chances are that house owns a sari-sari store.

Are we too focused on making foreigners feel welcome that we sometimes or most of the times fail to communicate with fellow Filipinos that are living with us? This Christmas season, relive the Filipino Bayanihan with first: Genuine communication with your neighbors and Two: establishing rapport to people around you.

One thing that I always look forward when celebrating Christmas and New Year on the country side is that every family has a gift for everyone. They give small things even favors and that they look forward to another year of fruitful relationship. We should do that here in the Metro, but where to start? We have a few suggestions.

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Family

Gift giving must start within our homes. Shop for home essentials but with additional personal value or message. Example: don’t just buy a pillow; get the Dakki I Love Dad or I Love Mom pillows. If you have something more special than this, Dakki Bedding Collection Cool and Navy are great replacements for your year old bed sheets.

Tupperware Quick Chef, Hamilton Beach Aluminum Nonstick and Standard Terminator Fan with Stand are not only essential but also affordable. Transforming your kitchen and living space to a more functional and cool will be a breeze, for will offer deals on these items and more.

No need to ask your relatives abroad to get you that dream perfume scent. Just visit our site and you will have great deals on authentic perfumes and self care brands such as:

How about a new home theater set for 2015. When every working member of the family contributes for a great home theater set, the price seems less. Plus, will take it up a notch and offers discounts on quality home theater packages like:

  • Home Theatre Bh6320h
  • Hts3531 Home Theatre

A pretty clear and crisp sounding sound system will be great for karaoke days and night of December and January. LG 32 INCH LED TV and Samsung 40 inches Series 5 or Sony Bravia 40” Class LCD 1080p 60Hz has perfect screen resolution for clear display of lyrics.

Going back to your neighbors, As soon as our sale starts on the Kitchen essentials and Breakfast makers, you can now purchase an affordable:

  • Kyowa KW  Convection Oven
  • Hanabishi 20M1 Microwave Oven
  • Kyowa Rice Cooker

and many more.

You can practically buy two units and give away the spare one.  Deals on:

and more breakfast maker awaits at

We celebrate Christmas a bit differently in the Metro, but it would be nice if we look after each other, look forward to a brand new year together and celebrate Christmas as one true community.