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The Smartphone manufacturing industry is one of the most stable businesses in the world. Despite the heavy number of competing companies, the sales of smartphones have been consistent. However, competition may sometimes lead to consumer confusion. These days, the price of the Smartphone is no longer a major factor, unless you’re buying Apple products. In less than a decade, smartphones have become cheaper while maintaining the best functional applications, hardware and programming. You can now find great smartphone deals on almost all buying platforms including smartphone shopping online.

Choosing smartphones in today’s very competitive market can be hard. Some smartphones are designed for a certain age and social group, but the most produced and bought smartphones are those devices that can serve all demographics including businessmen, students and professionals.

Today, we made yet another buying guide for Smartphones.

The first thing to consider when buying a Smartphone is the Operating system. The most used OSs are Blackberry OS, iOS for Apple products, Android and Windows OS. You may be aware that Blackberry is struggling and the competition between Android phones and Apple phones intensified for the past two years. In fact, the social media is buzzing when the topic is about “the best Smartphone OS”.

Smartphone Buying Guide

By recent survey results, the android OS is the most used. This system offers a wider array of hardware options, plus, it supports more manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and Motorola. It has better transitions and better multitasking processes.

The iOS is considered to be the most intuitive smartphone platform. It enables a faster change of settings. When installed on an iPhone, the iOS performs processes that are completely unique to the company. One of such processes is the popular “Siri”.

Windows OS-operated Smartphones are considered to be the most user friendly smartphone if you have been accustomed to the processes of the Windows-operated Desktops and Laptop computers. The platform boasts a dynamic interface with Live Tiles that display updates.

Now that you have chosen an Operating system, it’s time to decide the dimensions of your Smartphone. In recent years, larger Smartphones have been popular. It has made digital gaming and reading more enjoyable. It also enables faster typing. However, the length of the screen relates to its weight and portability. Smartphone manufacturers still produce phones having at least 3.5 inch screen display. These devices are the best portable devices.

Since 2012, Smartphone manufacturers have installed dual core processors on almost all their phones. In addition, as early as 2013, quad core processors have been a basic feature. Choosing the processor should not be problem. But, if you want to buy earlier models of any brand of smartphones, make sure that it possesses at least one gigahertz processing unit.
Given that you’ll store everything from applications and other forms of media on your smartphone, choose a device with vast internal memory or possesses an expandable memory slot. A 16GB smartphone is fairly standard. But, in case you believe that 16 GB is not enough, there are models available with 32GB up to 64 GB of storage capacity.

Other features you must check are the quality of the camera and battery life. At the very least, by new standards, a good smartphone has five megapixels back or front camera. A great smartphone has to last for at least eight hours or better when you are multitasking.

According to customer reviews, the best Smartphones for the first months of 2014 are:

  • Nokia Lumia 1520
  • Motorola Moto G
  • Nexus 5
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Nokia Lumia 1020
  • Apple iPhone 5s
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
  • HTC One
  • Samsung Galaxy S4

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