Sweet Holiday Treats

Stairway to Heaven! Avail of the sales on delicious holiday treats and satisfy your sweet cravings. When it’s getting cold outside, it’s time to nibble on chocolates, cookies, pretzels, dried fruits and candies. Continue your candy craving streak. When Halloween was not enough, December is there for your full enjoyment.

Sweet Holiday Treats

Do carolers accept candies for their efforts? Goods.ph thinks that they may. That is if the candies look enticing. Because we say Christmas is for kids, you can never go wrong when you give candies. Save your Piso for the rainy days and give the carolers a new kind of reward. Remember, a candy is much appreciated if one treat is given to every caroler than a shiny piso given to a group. Don’t be stingy and share your blessings. Get our sweet deals on Skittles Wildberr, Trolli Classic Gummy Bears, Tootsie Roll Midgees, Toffifee Caramel, Fox’s candy Fruit and many more.

Dried fruits and nuts are also great this holiday season. Philippine Brand Dried Mangoes, Del Monte California Prunes, Nagaraya Adobo, KirkLand Almonds, Kirkland Almond Cherry, Kirkland Raisins and Vochelle Fruit and Nuts are available for less on the best online grocery shopping site. Don’t worry, you won’t go nuts and your wallet will not dry up. Just purchase these healthy treats at Goods.ph.

Sweet Holiday Treats

In other countries, Pretzels are favored over other munchies. Pretzels are healthier and are almost compatible with any spread. In the Philippines, pretzels are more commonly seen with parts submerged in coco. Pretzel variants like Jack n Jill Choco Nuts, Yan Yan Double Creme , Meiji Lucky Stick Chocolate has that certain appeal to Pinoy Children. You can get these pretzel variants and more for less this yuletide season at Goods.ph.

If you prefer something sweeter, we will give great deals on cookies, biscuits and toasted bread. No matter the season, you can expect discounts on selected cookie variants with such as:

Take a bite of heavenly goodness. Get the:

(See: Breads and Cookies Complete List)

Make the Christmas sweeter with our lineup of special holiday treats. Sales start any day of December. Visit our site religiously and be the first to place your orders on these sweet holiday sweets.