Goods.Ph It’s Rollback Time!

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Introducing the new phase of’s Piso sale promo. Same mechanics, more chances of acquiring high class products, more choices and of course—for as low as one peso. Enjoy up to 99 percent discount on almost anything under the sun. Will this promo have a specific run time? It doesn’t. Where’s the fun in knowing when the next rollback time will be? So, be sure to visit our Facebook page and our site.

It's Rollback Time

Rollback time is probably the next best thing to having items for FREE. If you see a tag that says 99% off, your eyes are not fooling you. Its real and it’s great because it’s from Goods. All products included in this promo are consolidated into a single page. All will be subjected to a price drop every single hour. We will offer items for every type of online shopper. One row may appeal to online shoppers looking after the welfare of their family. Some items will most likely appeal to fashionistas while part of the collection may address your basic communication, information and entertainment needs. Regardless of your intention, all items included in this category have an intended purpose to help your daily lives, in one way or another.

Rollback time is a concept inspired by two things:

First, is the idea that a ready to use item can be sold as if it was just about to be made. In essence, you only have to pay for the wire when buying for a brand new electric ventilation unit.

Second, is that time decreases the value of almost anything. We simply speed up the time by hundred folds so you can once again feel that you feel paying only for a part instead of the whole unit.

You are in for a surprise every single time. Enjoy this one of a kind online shopping experience. Only one item per stock. Hurry! Sign up now and be the first to lock on that great online deal. As Sam Smith says: “you’re not the only one”. You must use patience and perfect timing jutsu.

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Rollback time can be enjoyed by seasoned online shoppers and casual online shoppers alike. Stay on full rollback time alert. Follow us on Facebook and create your very own profile now.