Leaked Sony Xperia Z4 Primary Details

The internet has been buzzing these past few weeks over the authentic-looking leaked documents that are supposedly from the tech and entertainment giant SONY. The alleged emails does tackle and suggest a lot on entertainment, future plans and subjects of innovation. For one, it does confirm the age old advertising Meta that a celebrity does add some market value to a merchandise.

When most of the social media were more concerned about how Sony pictures decided that the movie “The Interview” will not be released in a Sony Banner, most tech junkies have begun to assess the impact of an planned Sony Xperia Z4 release mid or late 2015. For starters, insiders and credible sources within Sony reports that the newest flagship Sony Smartphone may sport the most recent and developed version of Snapdragon 810 SoC, at least four gigs of RAM, a fairly manageable screen display of 5.2 inches, high speed LTE hardware and a 20.7 megapixel camera.

Sony Xperia Z4

Sony has had its fair share of critics that share the same sentiment that Sony devices are too plain in the physical appearance department. Sony has been known for pushing software development but more and more consumers prefer to purchase a device that has an immediate visual impact. Maybe James Bond can change the notion. There is a thin borderline between boring and classy in the smartphone design industry and Sony hopes to break the borders.

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James bond maybe one of the many ways that Sony though that may change their brand’s overall customer perception. At Goods.ph, we are not surprised that Sony will be releasing a new flagship phone next year; After all, it has been the recent trend among device competitors. The Sony Xperia Z3 does have demand but practical consumers made clear arguments that the release of the Z3 was too soon and it is basically the Z2 but with just a price upgrade.

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We hope that the Z4’s release will not be too sudden. Both the Z2 and Z3 are doing well in the market. May they find the perfect release date and may critics and casual users feel the upgrade. Like we said many time before: It’s not the big sounding chip names that make a smartphone brand click, It’s all about flexibility and have your buyers discover things and process within their device that are not included in the manual.

Sony will forever be regarded by Filipinos as a great brand. We just have one request, Please, please, please, please….have Spiderman join the Avengers already.