Powerbanks: The Best Temporary Solution to Battery Inefficiency

Until Smartphone manufacturers and battery developers come up with a power source comparable to those present on basic phones, we must do our best to maximize what our current battery power capacity has to offer, which is downright impossible. We need our Smartphones to be by our side whenever and wherever. Our phones no longer serve a single purpose. It has become a means to keep us organized, entertained and connected.


Power supply is the only downside of having full capacitive, and at least three inch full LED smartphone. Manufacturers had to let go of the one-bar-means-one-day-power to give us the best graphics, sound and overall output. Even the best devices can only last for no more than three days. So, what is the solution? When we admit that we cannot control our dependence on our smartphones, that is the time to innovate.

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The permanent solution is to create a more powerful energy source and an energy efficient Smartphone. We are sure that Smartphone companies are doing the necessary steps to have such a device, for the mean time, we have to find a temporary solution.

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Our lack of battery efficiency can be mitigated by the presence of powerbanks. It is a device that is wired to store power more efficiently and serves as a secondary charging unit for your Smartphone. A powerbank’s and Smartphone’s battery capacity is measured as mAh or Milliamperes. For powerbanks, mAh is an indication of how long can the hardware supply re-energizing juices to your device.

Low Battery Smartphones

It is important to note that charging time and up to which recharge level can a powerbank supply can vary. Standard Smartphones have battery rates of 2300 mAh. Does this mean that a 2300 mAh powerbank will suffice? Hopefully yes, but your devices will not be fully charged. Consider that the powerbank will lose some of its own energy in the transfer process. Though its’ temporary, Goods.ph highly advise to get the best powerbanks in relation to your built-in battery capacity according to your budget and Smartphone function.

For devices having a 5 inch screen display, a 5000 mAh powerbank is enough. For Smartphones with larger screen output, it is advisable to purchase a powerbank that has a thousand or more mAh rate than your device.

A powerbank is a rechargeable unit. It takes almost the same amount of time to be fully charged as the very units they are designed to support. Nonetheless, it is a reliable hardware that will help us maintain our daily activities with the aid of smartphones.