The Papal Visit in the Philippines 2015 Itinerary #DearPopeFrancis

Everyone is looking forward to the dates January 15-19. For Catholics however, the dates serve dual purpose. If they are not in the service industry, these dates are declared as special holidays as Filipinos give our world renowned, sweet welcome to the leader of the apostolic church, Pope Francis.

Pope Francis, first of his name, has mastered and utilized the true intentions of social networking sites and multimedia platforms to spread the true intention of the Catholic Church—And that is to look out for each other’s welfare and abide by the golden rule.

Pope Francis

His visit in our country will hopefully unite and create a bridge of understanding and meaningful relationships among the Christian brethren and the political side of the society.

Pope Francis is the ultimate representative of what Catholicism is about. The kind of Catholicism we practice in our country is one of a kind other. The rest of the world’s interpretation of Catholicism is by having their kin avoid sin and creating modern moral guidelines based on the very first practices of Christians. Here in the Philippines, being a Catholic means building a relationship with God and loving The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.

Though Christians believe in the same God, the way we practice our faith has some differences. That is where the Pope comes in. He shapes what Christians all over the world must value in today’s time. He will inspire and his words will transcend language barriers and cultural differences to ultimately make a better, more understanding Christian nation.

Pope Francis

(See: The Papal visit in the Philippines Itinerary)

The world respected Pope who has opened more minds into hopefully adapting and accepting how the 21st century man may think, value and build interpersonal relationship as well as emotional and psychological changes will be making his first steps on Philippine soil. He lead the way into acknowledging the homosexual’s right to marriage and even encouraged dialogues with Agnostics and non believers. He has recognized the importance of Science and began changing minds as soon as we have gained access to his daily life since he became a high ranking Catholic representative. As the Vatican remarked “Habemus Papam” over and over again, we are wishing that may he be the one Pope that will be the perfect representation of The Christian Church and the Pope that our modern times need. And he did not disappoint.

On January 15- 19, he will be the center of a Catholic Pinoy’s attention. One of the biggest Catholic nation in the World will be visited once again by the Pope. A visit that will last for five days but will surely leave a lasting impression on Filipinos. May his visit be the start a spark- a spark that will become a fire—a fire of hope, love, respect and truthfulness in everyone.