Trade-A-Book and Lend a Hand in Curbing illiteracy in the Country Trade a Book Charity Drive

The country needs every helping hand to cut down illiteracy and you can help tremendously with the simple act of donating a book collecting dust hidden somewhere in your bookshelf that you don’t need anymore. Any book will do as long as it can help alleviate illiteracy in the country and lend a hand to those who have less in life yet want to read and learn.

Here at, we reward those who pay it forward. One simply has to trade their old books and 500 points will be givenin return to the donors which they can use to purchase new books or any other item at To know more about Goods Rewards’ Points System, click here. To check your accumulated points, kindly log-in at

The Trade-A-Book Charity Drive is an outreach program in cooperation with Books for A Cause Charity Organization which aims to provide precious knowledge to every Filipino underprivileged child and increase literacy through continuous learning. will donate 10% of revenues from books sold in from January to March 2015 to Books For A Cause Charity Organization along with the books collected from the donors.

From January up to March 2015, Trade-A-Book Drop Boxes will be at select universities such as UE, DLSU and FEU to name a few. Each university will be givenone week for the collection of books. Trade-A-Book Mechanics

  • Donate an old book—text book, story book, dictionary, pocket book, or any kind of book that you think the kids at our chosen community will enjoy and learn from.
  • Look for one of the Trade-a-Book drop boxes in your campus. They’re big and orange, should be easy to find.
  • Hand the book/s to one of our student representatives. If no representative is available, simply drop the book/s in the drop box.
  • Don’t forget to register your name, contact details and book/s donated. This is in order to know how many points to give you.
  • For every book you donate, you’ll get back 500 points which you can use as money to buy a new book or any other item at
  • And you’re done! Simply await our email to reap the rewards of giving.

The beneficiary-school-community will receive the following from the Trade-A-Book Program:

  • All books that will be collected in the duration of the program
  • 10% of the revenues from books sold in from January to March 2015
  • Brand new books from

Trade a book, let others benefit from the MANY THRILLS OF READING and feel good about your youself.