Valentine’s Day for Singles


Staying in “Singapore” mode this Valentine’s Day? “Singapore” is a term we use at that originated during the Holiday season. It means being in a Single and Poor State. Ouch! We use that term to address our responsibilities as Godparents to our happily married friends and relatives children. The term can also be used on Valentine’s Day.


Valentine's Day for Singles Sad Cupid

Being in Singapore mode this love month is both a blessing and it presents a challenge. Ladies and Gents of the

Kingdom: Nag-iisa

Phylum: No-date-a

Class: Mali napilinia

Family: First

Genus: homo or hetero

Species: Sawi-ens —Unite!

This is the month that is probably the best days, weeks and month to remind us that indeed, the greatest love of all is loving ourselves. Valentine’s Day may serve as a means, a way to express an unconventional and unconditional love. Use this day to give time to our closest relatives, honor close family ties and give importance to what you consider the center of your life—whatever that may be.

This month, you are a strong independent man or woman. You are still your best, even without having a non-blood related companion. This is the month to show your true, charming and loving character, regardless of your relationship status. This month also has the perfect payday intervals and has the best deals on two-for-one price deals.

Use this month to land the best deals and explore the joys of being single. You might want to get out there be on the hunt on the best Valentine’s Day deals on your favorite Malls. Wait, mall mood a bit upsetting? Then consider Shopping Online.

You can shop for beauty care, apparels, mobile device, accessories and your home management needs that will be subjected to our Valentine’s sale.

Pink and Red are the most widespread colors this month. These colors symbolize life, courage and vitality. In a single man’s and woman’s perspective, you can still use and wear these colors to express your positive attitude and the courage to embark on a never-ending search for the perfect life companion- 2015 edition.

Love is just around the corner. But before we look for love for others, be sure that you give enough time for yourself. You won’t have to stay in “Singapore” mode anymore knowing that you can save at and you are surrounded with your loved ones and those who care for your well being.