Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Are men expecting a material gift this Valentine’s Day? They secretly do. A man is just as complex as the very ladies they care about. They hide their true feelings on a craggy exterior but as child-at-heat no matter his age, they are longing for some kind of motherly love. They may not express or ask for it, but WE are internally screaming for affection of the highest degree, even in a form of a letter and small gifts.

Gift Ideas for Him

“Diba pinaghirapan mo ligawan, tapos eto lang?”. You won’t hear that from a true gentleman. Ladies, you need not one up a viral Valentines surprise Youtube video or hide you’re shopping activities by switching to online shopping.

Never ruin your valentine’s surprise by texting or calling your man that you are in a mall. Though he feels the excitement for the first few hours, because that call or text may and can awaken the inner eight-year old boy expecting a thoughtful gift for his birthday in him. However, by Valentine’s Day, you may be seeing a boy—not a man, whose expecting your gift and not just your presence.

“Haha pare, ‘la regalo. Laki pa ng gastos ko” This you may hear in a joking manner, but that boy is hurt. Men are easily pleased; a happy relationship plus a job gives a man his needed security. A small gift wouldn’t be too bad either.

When shopping for your Valentine’s gift for him, always look for things that have some practical value to you and useful for his daily activities. That means, gaming peripherals and things needed for his hobbies are also included on the things that some men deem as necessary. At Online Store Philippines, a small budget will cover those entire gift attribute checklist. For no more 500 pesos, you can land great deals on flash drives, shoe rack stands, books, chocolates, fling joystick for I pad, paracord, speakers, desk fans and coffee maker.

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A slightly higher budget range of 501 up to a thousand pesos, you can already avail a wireless mouse and bunch of other computer peripherals , wireless Smartphone camera remote, Speaker system, powerbank, stylus ballpen, USB car charger,  juicers and kitchen essentials.

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If you are saving for this kind of celebration (lucky man, by the way), you can avail high performing electronic hardware such as Tablets, Mobile Speakers of the best quality, men perfume, ps3 motion controllers,  higher performing powerbanks , chocolate melting pots and the more powerful blending units—all for less than 3, 000 pesos.

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Photo credits: StyleMeValentina