Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Finding the Best Restaurants in Metro Manila

Riddle me this. Where do you want to eat hon? There are factors at play. With our thought process, uncertainties arise for every selection. Maybe if we go to here blah blah blah… and the selection goes on and on.

Celebrations and small occasions may sometimes call for a special culinary experience. Malls offer some of the best destinations but independent stalls may have better discount offerings and equal experience.

Information comes very easily in this day and age, yet it’s hard for even the most simple-minded people to choose a restaurant. The varying choices however is good for food lovers as restaurants keep their prices at a reasonable price. Choosing where to eat may always be hard but what if your Smartphone may have some new recommendations?

The Metro is home to the most diverse food selection. The Metro is an open place for anyone who wants to venture into culinary and because of the mushroom growth of the restaurant industry, it is only proper that potentials customer have some access to a central database. A database full of food deals and of course—of the reasonable price and accessible location.

In no particular order the best Apps for finding great culinary finds are:

Zomato – has a database that spans worldwide. Has auto detect Internet Protocol setting to display deals on the country and nearest possible choices relative to your search input.


Download Zomato on Google Play

Download Zomato on iOS

ClicktheCity – is the digital yellow pages for events in Metro Manila. This app also has an updated list on the latest movie openings as well as T.V programming. Finding restaurants is the forte of this App’s software engine.


Download ClicktheCity on Google Play

Download ClicktheCity on iOS

Foursquare – An app that grants you access to 60 million plus restaurant and food reviews. For the food lovers of discriminating taste. An informed mind leads to a satisfied tummy, Foursquare gives you deals and idea on what to expect.


Download Foursquare on Google Play

Download Foursquare on iOS

Instagram – A well captured photo is enough to make us search for the same experience. Instagram and other social media platforms are abundant with pictures of delicious looking dishes. Plus, if a friend has a personal testimony, it brings a lot of authenticity.


Download Instagram on Google Play

Download Instagram on iOS

Looloo – You can explore nearby, trending, open and top rated restaurants in Metro Manila. It allows you to review places you visit and share it to your friends. Receive credits for your reviews by recommending it to your friends.


Download looloo on Google Play

Download looloo on iOS

Finding Restaurants will be a breeze if you have these Smartphone Applications. One or two of these five Apps is a must have for people who eats out frequently. These applications give discounts to a user without printing discount vouchers. They are also free application for iPhone, Android and Blackberry Phones.

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All of these apps are designed to provide updated and fresh deals straight to your mobile. Choosing can still be hard, but knowing where the best deals are can make decision making a bit faster. Download one of these apps today.