Hawk Droid Android Smart TV Box

Television now showcases the best and the latest system and marketing upgrades. Nothing beats the television especially on the grounds of affordable entertainment that you can access every day. Television will always be a part of everyone’s life—and a new innovation is set to break the barriers that define a television.

For countless years, TVs are known for a singular purpose and that is to broaden our minds and entertain us through visual content and a sound accompaniment. But you are never in control on what shows would you like to watch and what news portals do you want to pay attention to. Hey, we have the internet just for that. Smart TV’s are also exceptional on this form of customer satisfaction and electronic flexibility. But how about turning your ordinary TV into a Smart TV?

Android Smart TV Box

All you need is a USB cable or a HDMI port and you can install the Android Smart TV Box. Adding this apparatus to your TV will give users the ability to use their televisions to explore the internet, download and many more. The Android Smart TV box has a built-in Wi-Fi sensor and allots sufficient data bandwidth to ensure better download speeds and other internet activities. No Wi-Fi in sight? Worry not; there are no idle moments with the Smart TV box. With its multiple USB ports and SD cards, you can play offline games, watch and rewatch movies and your favorite TV series. In essence, the Android Smart TV box transforms your TV into a computer. Think of your TV as a giant computer screen that allows better viewing leading to a more engaging visual experience.

As an Android-enabled unit, The Smart TV box will give you access to Google play and other third party applications, provided that they are supported by Android. If you plan on getting one, online shopping is the way to go. Online shops like Goods.ph have a selection on this type of television peripheral. The Android Smart TV Box is a general term used to identify TV extension hardware that turns HDMI or USB ready TVs into computing units. These innovations still need to be standardized but to be guided on which TV box you might consider buying, qualities to look for include: An internal memory capacity of 5 GB or above, at least of dual core processors and affordable price.

Hawk Droid Android Smart TV Box

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Goods.ph offers a unit for no more than 4,000 pesos. One of their units also has a 5 MP camera. You can toggle between the TV and the Smart TV function through your TV remote. Android Smart TV boxes come with its designated special remote, mostly used for setting configuration. Upon complete calibration, you can connect a mouse, a keyboard, a game controller and you can also use several ports as Smartphone charging ports.

Just like you, never limit your TV.