Five Most Anticipated Smartphones of 2015

The fireworks and noise that welcomed 2015 were also the signal for another huge step mankind will take into communication and information integration. Along with the settling of the city smoke, there was great anticipation on what to expect this 2015–anticipation for change, development and innovation. These qualities are evident on the world’s technological landscape.

The industry itself is the reflection of the human need and nature of competition, the drive to create something original and to be recognized for its value and quality. Smartphone manufacturing is one of those things that greatly define the new generation and this 2015; competitors and consumers are making their aim to provide the best Smartphone to date and get best Smartphone to have.

2014 was a milestone for each Smartphone manufacturer and 2015 presents an opportunity to go all out on all device’s features and lead the charge. 2015 is a challenge for each of them as the past year’s flagship devices were as great as they come. lists down the much anticipated Smartphone releases for 2015. Disclaimer: This list primarily considers the familiarity of Filipinos to certain brands.

1. Starting our list is the Nexus 6. Set to be released in October of this year, this flagship device will run via latest Android M. It will be a phablet-like device and will probably feature a Snapdragon 815 or Snapdragon 820 chipset.

Motorola Nexus 6

Image source: versus

2. Sony Xperia Z4. Using the steam and taking the same path as the Z3, this mid-decade release from Sony promises upgraded looks and overall operation. Will most likely hit the market on March 2015. The Z4 will also feature a top-tier Snapdragon chipset with slight adjustments based on Sony’s specifications. (See also: Sony Xperia Z4 Primary Details)

Sony Xperia Z4

Image source: phonearena

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3. Third on the list is the HTC One M9. The super selfie Smartphone of 2013. Rumored to feature a 13-MP front camera and a much greater primary back camera. Will have greater graphic capacity than its already great predecessor and will most likely to make review and sales wave as early as the first day of March.

HTC One M9

4. iPhone 7 or 6s.Its Apple, everyone will be anxiously waiting for these devices. An insider from Apple itself is unsure whether what device will be released first. Apple has already made statements that their new flagship device will be available on the third quarter of the year and 2015 will be about stability and the biggest camera update in the history of the company.

iPhone 6s

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5. Last on our list is the Samsung Galaxy S6. Upon setting high standards for the years to come, Samsung is challenged to continue the manufacturer’s identity. Hyped by its manufacturer as the best phablet-like Smartphone to date, Samsung says that this device is the culmination of social trends and breakthrough device research. One can only wait ‘til March for the official launch of this device.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Image source: webnet

All the devices set to be launched in 2015 will have to resolve the very limited power capacity and make all the necessary marketing ads that will end the discussion that all Smartphones are the same internally and are only dressed differently.

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How about you? What 2015 Smartphone are you most excited for?