Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers 2015

Blast your pool side, bathroom and mountain tops with your kind of music. Don’t go just la la la and imagine the minus one of your favorite track on your head. Sing while bathing, jam on the poolside and welcome the new morning with self-reflection song on a mountain top. But wait Mr. Goods; wouldn’t that need some kind of a water resistant sound speaker and amplifier? It’s 2015, we already have that. Not only are they waterproof, they are also completely wireless.

Bluetooth waterproof and wireless speakers is the way to go when you want to bathe your soul with jazz, rap, rhythm and blues or any music preference you have as you turn your bar soap into the most. Waterproof speakers are the Disc jockey to your summer pool party. The sturdy and water resistant materials make them the ideal entertainment system for mountain trekking. You won’t have to worry about moisture build-up as well.

However, with the vast choices of Bluetooth speakers may overwhelm potential buyers. For starters, these special speakers are still expensive. They are new and buyers are always looking for the best sound output. Having the right bass calibrations, sound balance and a whole new level of product durability, certainly translated to a high price.

Nonetheless, if you want to purchase these speakers, Mr. might have some recommendations.From now on, forget about stationary speakers and consider getting the:

1. Braven BRV-X. Shockproof and waterproof inside and out. The Braven BRV-X comes with a noise cancelling microphone outlet and a playback capacity of up to 12 hours. 5200 mAh power source and will come with multiple USB ports for charging and multiple data sharing. Priced somewhere between 7 to 8 thousand. (See full specs: Braven BRV-X)

Braven BRV-X

Image source: AndroidHeadlines

2. Fugoo Tough. Has the best battery life among all the waterproof, wireless, portable speaker models. The “tough” is all about endurance as it can last for 40 hours and enables fast charging system. This unit may have some few attachments and adhesive. Its lightweight nature allows users to strap this speaker on a tree and even the shower head. If you have 10 thousand pesos to spare, then this is the speaker for you.

Fugoo Tough

Image source: AndroidHeadlines


3. Samwon Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker. Probably the most affordable, quality waterproof speakers. offers this model for no more than two thousand pesos. Has just the right sound output calibrations but will have limited sound scope. This model is also the most portable unit on this list and if means any difference, snow and extreme cold weather would not affect Samwon’s performance. (See full specs: Samwon Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker)

Samwon Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker

4. Ultimate Ears Boom. The most stylish looking unit on this list. Features a tower-like design that doubles as a multi level sound system. This model can sync with your smartphones and exceptional on iPhones. Offers a 360 degree surround outdoor sound. You may get one for about Php 10,000.

Ultimate Ears Boom

Image source: FlavourMag


5. Outdoor Technology Big Turtle Shell. The loudest and the biggest model on this list. Has 40 hours of battery life at a very loud decibel measurement. The model’s name and design was modeled after the durable shell of a turtle. The surface design of the speaker offers a one- channel speaker with a complex five to eight angular speakers for a loud sound with a crisp quality. With its multiple USB ports, you may charge your phones but for a fully charged iPhone decreases the playback capacity by 24 hours. Priced between Php 10,000 – 11,000.

Outdoor Technology Big Turtle Shell

Image source: GizMag