Are ‘Yi Ready for the Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera?

Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera

16 megapixels. That is all you need to be able to produce 1080 HD videos. This observation is now backed with the emergence of sports cameras. Sports cameras are recreation equipments –and that industry, which is primarily dominated by GoPro, will soon have a worthy adversary, due to the unveiling of the “Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera”.

China and Hongkong will be a battlefield for both brands as Xiaomi tries to provoke the giant that is Go Pro to retaliate and ultimately lead to new product developments.  Xiaomi may have limited their products availability on these two countries but the herald that is the internet, is already abuzz about Xiaomi’s new undertaking.

The Yi, name wise has no Chinese meaning; it is but a part of many Chinese terms. The “Yi” we know here in the Philippines is an entity made through collection of codes, graphics and sound bytes. That is no other than “Master Yi” from the Riot Games’ League of Legends.

Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera

Perhaps the Xiaomi Yi can be explained in a gamer’s perspective—cause that what the Xiaomi Yi is supposed to be good at—Getting personal perspectives on the display of human emotion as we engage on recreational activities.

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The Xiaomi Yi will cast its alpha strike, make you meditate and think about considering purchasing this device.  The Xiaomi Yi will entice you with an honest conversation starter that goes: “Hey would you love to go on a Highlander cruise with me? And you wouldn’t be sorry.

Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera

The Xiaomi Yi is just an early generation sports camera made by the company. The product buzz, promotions and the global call for a cheaper and reliable sports camera are the primary factors that lead to Yi’s creation.

At 64 US dollars or less than P3,000.00, our friends in China and Hongkong can purchase this device. The Yi is lightweight and durable. The PC and ABS metal frame effectively protects this 72 gram contraption. This is a higly intuitive device that runs on an Ambarella A7LS Processor and a Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS 16 Million Pixel Sensor.

Connectivity includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth data sharing and transfer. Gives you clear 155 degree perspective.  Can support up to 1080 HD recording at 60 frames per second on its 16 MP camera. 16 is truly sweet on this sports camera alternative. We hope that before the end of March, Xiaomi would have made the necessary manual and user interface translations and market it worldwide. That way, we can truly see the result, not just the implications.