Cheap Beach Destinations Near Metro Manila

Put your electric fans and air conditioning units off. Pack your bags and join your family and friends on a summer trip. The first and the last destination on our bucketlist would have to be the beach. But where? Manila bay is no longer an option. Luckily, you are a citizen (or tourist) on one of the most diverse and tropical countries in the world. Just few hours away from the buzzing metro are serene beaches.

Nasugbu, Calatagan, San Luis, Mabini, Bauan and Lian, these are the towns to visit for the summer months. San Juan Batangas is where the most beach resorts are established. In this part of town, seawater is always calm for most parts of the year.

Philippine Beaches

When you have Tayabas and Batangas bay within your proximity, it wouldn’t matter where you go. If you are the adventurous type, you can visit the untouched beaches; by untouched we mean that these are the places that have no beach resorts or establishments. Nonetheless, you can be sure that the locals will have rooms for rent, refurbished living spaces to accommodate local and even foreign tourist.

Beach resorts will have more facilities, better security but for a higher price of course, but still very affordable.  Resorts like, Residencia Laiya beach resort, Laiya White Cove Resort, Virgin Beach Resort has affordable cottage and room rentals. The towns of Lemery, San Luis and the Mabini offers a unique cross between raw experience and class living near the Balayan bay. For no more than 1,500 per person. Fare plus facilities. These destinations are typically four hours or less away from Manila.


Virgin Beach Resort

Image source: Virgin Beach Resort


Lobo and Anilao, Batangas are great diving spots. Since the term “cheap” is relative, why not go island hopping on the seas of Quezon. Within the coast of Pagbilao, Lucena and Sariaya Quezon, you can get a VIP treatment courtesy of Paraiso Beach Resort and Monte vista beach resort. A bankga ride away are the islands of Puting Buhangin and Borawan island.  Beach resorts are all the man-made structure on otherwise a natural paradise. And since “distance” is also relative, Boracay and Palawan islands are perfect summer vacation destinations. These destinations are typically four hours or less away from Manila. The travel time will be short when you are enjoying and savoring the countryside view.

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Laguna.Calamba and La Triel resort has good amenities that can cover corporate functions. Barangays Pakil ,Siniloan in Paete have partially untouched beaches, with most accommodations provided by one of the grandest Caliraya Resort Club.

Caliraya Resort Club

Image source: Caliraya Resort Club


The municipalities of Victoria and Pinaflor in Santacruz have partially untouched shoreline. A destination that is two to three hours away from Manila. A car would be a necessity if you are to visit these spots. Otherwise, 800 per person will suffice.

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Cavite City anyone? The town of Kawit, Naic, Maragondon, and Rosario are enjoying the cool sea breeze every day. A sight  and experience that residents of Metro Manila could only experience in a span of days or weeks, depending on your leave or vacation credits. Cavite is practically the retirement haven for Metro Manila residents. Years of hard work are invested on soon to be built houses and useful land.  As soon as you hit the town of Kawit, Villa Mar Resort is the first big beach resort destination. It is followed by Villa Excellance in Rosario and Aroma Beach resort in Tanza. Maragondon and Ternate’s coast line is where you will find the amenities provided by Ranrich Resort, Ternate beach resort, Puerto Azul gulf and country club, Paniman beach and Katungkulan Beach resort. All these resorts provide a relaxing and cooling experience for no more than 6,000 pesos for a family of five to six members. A travel from end to end will take three hours more or less

Aroma Beach Resort

Image source: Aroma Beach Resort

Up north, Zambales is gaining world recognition for its ashen beaches. Before exploring other beach destinations in Zambales, you need to visit the renowned Anawangin beach. Years ago, the ashes of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption has brought vitality to what was once usual site of sand and water. A highly recommended beach destination by locals and foreigners alike. About 800 per person. Food and tent not included. Four hour travel time is worth it.