Gadgets Must Haves for your Summer Travel

Aside from your spirit and desire for an adventure, there are other essential things that you must bring to have a much easier travel experience. As what our elders say, it’s not just the destination, adventure and life is about the travel and the road that you are on.  Traveling is like finding love. First impression matters and in this case, the road will set the mood for the experience up ahead.

Summer Gadgets

Road trips have been synonymous with summer adventure. Our bodies and instinct tell us that hiking and beach hunting are some of the best summer activities. Road trip can be done socially or just for self reflection. Either way, it must be celebrated as it is the season that we truly feel nature.

One summer travel essential you mustn’t forget is your Smartphone or any communication device. If you’re travelling with your friends, give your relatives the peace of mind and call or text them after you have reached your destination. Your smartphone will be there to document your bonding moments and make text entries for your social media account or blog. Travelling with your family is a rarity these days but if you happen to be in one—Congratulations and make the most of it.

Road trips are meant to be enjoyed and this 2015, our gadgets are especially there to keep the party going.

Well start this list with electronic devices and somewhat optional travel peripherals such as:

1. Electric, car- compatible coffee maker. You read it right; there is now a coffee maker for your car. You will need the extra jolt of energy when travelling from Manila to points in Visayas and Mindanao

Car Compatible Coffee Maker

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2. HugLight. Designed for cave spelunking. Use this whenever you need light on dark cave paths. It is a pillow-like, LED powered light source worn on the shoulder area


Image source: HUGLight


3. Emergency Lights and Road Flares. For when times get rough. High quality emergency lights and the likes must run for a solid eight hours.

Emergency Lights and Road Flares

The travel essential gadgets that you must bring on long road trips are:

1. Powerbanks. Keep you smartphones active. There are now solar-powered powerbanks but will mostly have charging port limit of one and can provide extra power for no more than five hours.

Moyou Powerbank 7200 mAh2. Car USB Charger. Your car is your abode for the time being, might as well use all its accessories to your advantage. Chargers are also essential. All resorts will have charging post amenities. For hiking however, refer to #1

Car USB Charger

3. Wireless Speakers. Beach hunting might land you on untouched paradise, before you recommend it through your social media accounts; you must spoil yourself for making such a discovery. Play music anytime. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers will amplify your music, plus you can be a bit carefree when you have a waterproof speaker. (See also: Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers 2015)

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

4. Headphones. When traveling via public transportation, you might not like played audio or the genre of movie played is not within your taste. Headphones offer a more personal channel in which you can listen or watch through your tablets or any media playing device. When travelling on a family car, put away your headphones and join the conversation. Mixtapes are no longer hip but aux cords allow each family member to play songs from their smartphones.


This summer, discover nature and look beyond your computer screens. Discover the natural world and bring the modern summer travel gadgetry.