Homemade Skin Care Recipes Straight from your Kitchen

You may not see a mirror on your cupboards; the refrigeration light was never intended to signify beauty but on these two household appliance and structure lays the most natural, the safest and the more personal means to be more beautiful.

You are no stranger when it comes to home remedies. Come to think of it, refrigerators and cupboards exemplify and hold one of the best values of human interaction that is appreciation. The saying goes, when looking for someone to love, never limit it to beauty, as that aspect of life will fade, look for what’s inside.

Now that the sarcasm has subsided, let’s take a culinary and a self grooming journey.

Homemade Skin Care Recipes

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Fruits, vegetables, condiments not only fill our tummies; their essences are extracted and have been added to lotions and other skin care formulations. Filipinos are in luck as the number of fruits and vegetable our farmers harvest competes with the number of islands we have.

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Numbers aside, you should consider trying natural home remedies, at the very least, you are gaining entrepreneurial experience, plus you can feel and see the difference for yourself. Home remedy provides a means to test and prove the said benefits of these fruits, condiments and vegetables. Ultimately, you are given the freedom to create your own take on popular home remedies and formulate brand new combinations.

Homemade Skin Care Recipes

If you plan on creating homemade skin care creams, scrubs or any skin care agent, you might want to consider extracting, grinding or any methods thereof that your research requires you to do so, concerning the fruits, vegetables and condiments listed such as:

  1. Avocado- helps in skin moisture retention. Works as fillers for wrinkles.
  2. Blue and Strawberries- has vast amount of anti oxidants, grinded strawberry seeds are exceptional in de-clogging pores as well as other deep seated skin dirt.
  3. Lemon- Its juice has the right amount of acidity that is compatible with almost every skin type. Can prevent and slow down the growth of pimples.
  4. Basil- acts as great antiseptic. Basil extracts works well with face scrubs and effective soothing agent for face peeling and pimple control.
  5. Olive oil- popular among ladies that love to have a smooth and moisturized hand down to fingertips. Also suitable for scalp care.
  6. Potatoes- raw ones are used as body scrubs. Together with dried tea leaves, potatoes not only cleanse the skin but leave it aromatic.
  7. Bananas- Moisturizes the skin and can be upgraded as a face mask. Add some honey and fat sour cream if you want a moisturizer.
  8. Brown Sugar- soothes cuts and accelerates healing. The granular texture makes this sweet condiment a body scrub in disguise. Water or creams are necessary to tone down the otherwise rough experience.
  9. Oatmeal- great for the heart and great for your skin as well. The beta-glucans on oatmeal is the typical ingredient for toners. This enzyme tightens the skin pore that’s why you see lots of women use oatmeal as face masks.
  10. Asparagus- the chlorophyll content brightens and exfoliates the skin.

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