Coolest Makeup for Ordinary Daily Life Activities: Summer Makeup Looks 2015

Summer Make Up 2015

Scrap your everyday foxy bold lips paired with daring cat-like defined eyes. Summer is already here and the said make-up styles are already absurd. Look prettier and more gorgeous by following the latest make-up trends this summer 2015. Take note of the guidelines for make-up looks below that will help you in your most mundane whereabouts this summer.

  • Don’t you have that kind of feeling that you’re even more confident to do your tasks when your face is completely made up? This season, take note of the sophisticated office girl with barely there make-up look. You’ll just have to pick any light primer and non-sticky tinted moisturizer, paired with a light shade of red lipstick. Dab the primer on your face and put on your tinted moisturizer. Highlight your brows with brown liners and put on earth color eye shadows on your crease. It would be best if you mix gold and white eye shadows for that gorgeous office summer look. Don’t forget to put on masscara to pump up the size of your peepers, giving them a wide awake look. Contour your face with a bronzer for an extra summer fierce aura. For the final touch, put the lighter shade of red only once so that it won’t look bolder.

Summer Make Up 2015

  • Forget about your usual smoky eyes and your lips-to-kill bold red party animal look. This summer, most of the clubs in town will be holding summer-themed parties so your face should have harmony with the summer theme. First things first, moisturize your face with night anti-ageing moisturizers. Dab your favorite foundation primer afterwards then hide imperfections using concealers based on your skin tone. Tip: For you to be able to determine the correct concealer tone for you, dab a small amount on top of your hands then rub it. If the color blends invisibly, then that’s the correct tone for you.

Summer Theme Makeup 2015

  • Next, define you’re your eyebrows with a brown liner. Then, get ready for an electric blue look since graphic sky blue eye shadows are back (New York Fashion Week has already said so) this summer 2015. After putting eye shadow, put on volume-enhancer masscara. For your blush, put any sheer sun-kissed blush-on tones. For your lips, make it look nude and don’t put bold colors.

Summer MakeUp 2015 Electrice Blue

  • Regular day, “casual-you-jeans- and-shirt-day. Whether you just want to grab your favorite Starbucks brewed coffee outside, hang-out at the mall with friends or window shop for that bag of your dreams, never look dull by exhibiting your real bare face. You’ll never know, a cutie is on the loose who targets to nab your heart. “No make-up make-up” look is still the trend this summer. To start, put on a tinted sunscreen on your face then define your brows. Next, put on your masscara and finish up your pretty make-up look by a candy pink lipstick. Don’t forget to put on an oil-free finishing powder to achieve a fresh look. (See: Makeup Accessories)                        

Regular Summer Makeup 2015

Never miss any season without being in the latest make-up look. Start studying the tips above and never forget to shop for the correct and finest beauty tools which are suitable for your daily beauty regime.